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Our Advantages

Over 22 years of development, Zhongya has become the powerful brand in packaging machinery industry and ensured the leading position in its dedicating fields.


Advantage No.1 Internationalized R&D center for frontier technology, covering diverse fields ranging from mechanic structure, automation control, biological engineering and chemical etc, and involving ten independent design teams of elite to transform request from customer into reality from time to time.


Advantage No.2 Chief drafter for four National Standards and one Industry Standard, with accumulation of hundreds of patents and how-how, piloting the technology development in industry.


Advantage No.3 Four series of bottle blowing equipments, completely covering forming of plastic vessels within 20L, and six series of liquid filling equipments and associated secondary packaging equipments satisfying fully requirements of creative packaging format from customer.


Advantage No.4 Complete internal manufacture system, integrating global most advanced high precision complex machine tool from Germany, USA, Japan, Swiss etc., ensuring over 85% mechanical elements made internally, and satisfying urgent delivery request for customer with high production flexibility on the premise of guaranteeing element quality.


Advantage No.5 International famous enterprises as Coca Cola, Pepsi, Danone, Nestle, Mengniu Dairy, Yili Dairy, Wahaha, Unilever, Cofco, Bright Dairy etc. becoming stable users of Zhongya equipments, validating extraordinary performance and reliability of Zhongya product. 

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