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  This production line is applicable for the automatic packaging of products with the volume from 500ML to 10L. With the capability up to 120,000 bottles per day (5L), this line is widely applicable for the small volume pack of edible oil and seasoning industries etc. The integrated line includes bottle blowing machine, labeling machine, rotary weighing filling sealing machine, handle unscrambling and application machine, intelligent case packing machine, weighing rejecting machine, case sealing machine, robot palletizing machine, buffering system, line transportation and intelligent control system, among which the central filling machine adopts the most advanced weighing filling technology, features high precision filling, no dipping and no splash, and is the kernel equipment for modern industrial production.



Carton type: American type preformed carton
Pack spec.: 4 bottles/case, 6 bottles/case, 12 bottles/case etc.
Pack product: PET, PE bottles of 05-20L
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