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This production line is applicable for the production of products as yoghurt, fruit yoghurt, lactobacillus beverage etc. The integrated line includes bottle unscrambling machine, automatic ultraclean plastic bottle filling capping machine, labeling machine, small film packing machine, shallow tray shrink film packing machine, leak detection and rejecting device, transportation system and buffer system, line intelligent control system etc. Featuring strict hygiene standard, high automation and low energy consumption, it is the kernel equipment for low carbon production.



Pack material: Active lactobacillus beverage, fruit juice, milk beverage etc.
Filling method: Volumetric filling (high level cleaning function), weighing filling
Sterilization: H2O2 dry method
Capability: 12000 bottles-24000 bottles/hour (435ml)
Pack volume: 100ml-2000ml
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