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 DGDR series equipment is applicable to the packaging production of yoghurt, milk, beverage, seasoning, ice cream, etc which could automatically accomplish cup separating, cup falling, filling, sealing, date printing and product transportation with its economic rotary design. With optional 100-class laminar flow protection system, fruit and essence dynamic mixing system, lid film UV sterilization system and high temperature filling system etc., the equipment ranks the first in the selection of economic production equipment.


With rotary step design, the machine features space saving and low operation cost.
High precision cam transmission mechanism, automatically accomplishing cup separating, cup falling, heat sealing, lifting and product outputing, featuring stable running and low noise level.
Quick changeover design of the mold plate, with short changeover time for products of different cup diameter.
Online fruit and essence dynamic mixing system, ensuring equal fruit and essence mixing with less fruit loss, and realizing multi-purpose production.
Optional roll film heat sealing, cutting and trimming devices, improving the flexibility of equipment for various packaging formats.
Online moveable code printing device, with reciprocating servo cylinder to achieve accurate code printing on product.
High efficiency UV sterilization devices for both precut lid and film roll, improving effectively the hygiene level of product.

Technical Data

3500-4000 c/h (150ml)
5500-6000 c/h (150ml)
7500-8000 c/h (150ml)
Operation Mode
Rotary Step
Cups per Row
Preformed Cup Type
Plastic Cup, Paper Cup, Alu.Cup
Lid Type
Precut Lid, Film Roll

* According to the different characteristics of products, the capacity will be different.

* Parameters and functions are subject to change without further notice。

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