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  The DGD series machines are applicable to the packaging production of yogurt, milk, beverage, seasoning,ice cream etc。 With the function of accomplishing paper cup or plastic cup loading, cup locating, filling, lid applying, sealing, date printing and product transportation full-automatically。 These machines are equipped with world famous top brands systems as key parts。 This series machines, which have the optional systems of automatic cup loading system, 100-class laminar flow protection, fruit and essence dynamic mixture, high-temperature filling and mobile code printing etc。, are the first choice for high-efficiency, energy saving and full-automatic production。


Complete unit multi-axle synchronized driving technology, powered by main servo motor, cam mechanism driven by transmission shaft to realize synchronized action of all parts, featuring stable running, low noise and convenient one-button adjustment for output.
Servo controlled automatic cup storage and loading mechanism can perform the lifting and conveying of the preformed cup full automatically, reducing the working strength of operator effectively.
With the optional vacuum dust suction device, cup inside ultra intensive UV sterilization device and roll film UV sterilization device, the product hygiene standard is improved.
Unique external filling system is high in filling accuracy. The application of the new type rotary valve and valve body minimizes the shear force against the material and maintains the maximum viscosity of the material during the filling.
Online fruit and essence dynamic mixing device guarantees the uniform mixture of fruit, essence and material and the low damage rate of fruit, realizing the multi-purpose production of the product.


Drawer type lid storage mechanism which can realize the non-stop single lid loading guarantees the high operation efficiency of the machine and avoids the influence to the cleanness of the working area due to the traditional mode of lid supplement.
The optional film roll hot sealing & cutting device enhances the compatibility of the machine for various sealing films.
Online mobile code printing device which reciprocates under the control of servo air cylinder is capable to perform accurate localized ink jet printing on the product.
Fresh new design of stainless steel mold plate cutting and welding manufacture technology, plus mold plate rinsing system which substitutes the traditional Alu.-mold plate, and convenient for rinsing and maintenance of entire unit.
With optional downstream machines as spoon distributor, cover applicator, over-wrapping machine and case packing machine, the automatic intelligent cup product production line could be realized.

Technical Data

20000 c/h
18000~20000 c/h
10000 c/h
8000~10000 c/h
6000~7000 c/h
4000~5000 c/h
Operation Mode
Linear Step
Preformed Cup Type
Plastic Cup, Paper Cup, Alu.Cup
Lid Type
Precut Lid, Film Roll
Equipment configuration
Step cups

* According to the different characteristics of products, the capacity will be different.

* Parameters and functions are subject to change without further notice.

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