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  Applicable for the aseptic bottle packaging of neutral and acid liquid food, DABL equipment could fully automatically accomplish the functions of bottle input, bottle picking, bottle transfer, bottle sterilization and drying, volumetric filling, cap sorting, cap sterilization and drying, cap applying, cap screwing, bottle output, bottle placing and product transport。 With the adoption of advanced dry sterilization technology and linear step equipment structure, this machine features extensive lowered footprint space and operating energy consumption, and ranks first in the selecting for bottle liquid aseptic packaging equipment。


With the advanced dry technology substituting traditional sterilizing liquid continuous washing for sterilization, reducing the use of sterilizing medium effectively. With aseptic hot air for complete bottle drying, and without necessity to use aseptic water for rinsing, and no more large volume of water in production process, featuring energy saving and environment friendly.
With the adoption of linear structure and in association with the Zhongya created online aseptic dynamic fruit mixing system, the machine is capable of supplying various fruits equally as per requirement in the products, resulting in enriched products structure and satisfying various requests from consumers.
High precision aseptic flow meter filling technology, adopting high precision electromagnetic flow meter, simplifying structure and convenient for rinsing and sterilization of filling pipe; maintaining constant aseptic air pressure in storage tank, filling in different level by filling valve in accordance with large or small flow rate, avoiding liquid splashing and foaming, and ensuring high precision aseptic filling.
Unique servo capping technology, each capping head driven directly by independent high performance servo motor, monitoring in real time capping at each head and controlling capping torque precisely, ensuring secure and adequate capping and maximizing capping conformity rate.
Online in real time asepsis monitoring system, ensuring normal safe operation of aseptic filling equipment, automatically adjusting and alarming based on physical parameters at each process of real-time monitoring, and ensuring asepsis key parameters are running within the effective rational range.
Aseptic barrier technology, driving force for motive parts in aseptic chamber coming from outside of aseptic chamber, effectively isolating motive parts connecting chamber inside and outside with steam or hydrogen peroxide as medium, ensuring no contamination for all working station inside aseptic chamber, effectively ensuring asepsis of chamber inside.
All process monitor and network technology, adopting bus of open standard, easy for combination, extension and upgrade, collecting various production data in real time, monitoring machine running status in complete process, ensuring product quality.

Technical Data

Series Model
DABL 10/10A
DABL 20/20A
DABL 10/10B
DABL 20/20B
12000 b/h(500ml)
24000 b/h(500ml)
12000 b/h(800ml)
24000 b/h(800ml)
Filling Head
Capping Head

* According to the different characteristics of products, the capacity will be different.

* Parameters and functions are subject to change without further notice。

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