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  The DASB series machines are applicable to the aseptic packaging production of fresh milk, yogurt, flavored milk, soy milk, fruit juice, etc。, with the function of accomplishing plastic pouch sterilizing, forming, aseptic filling, sealing & cutting, and product transportation full-automatically。 This series machines are suitable for the utilization of various plastic complex film and Alu-plastic, paper plastic complex packaging material。 Equipped with world famous brands systems for key parts, and with stable operation, high-efficiency sterilizing and low power consumption, these machines are the first choice for the production of long lasting aseptic product。


Advanced design of double-side independent aseptic chamber and pouch forming and filling system is able to realize the production of products in two different sizes at the same time, or it could also independently run with single side.
Three stages fixed length driving technology is applied in packaging material driving. The utilization of servo transmission and photoelectric positioning guarantees the accuracy of traction length and the non-deformation of the packaging material, and is suitable for the product with various dimension.
The packaging material is sterilized by immersing and moving in W-shape in the H2O2 tank and is dried by aseptic hot air to guarantee the sterilization effect of the packaging material.
H2O2 spraying and high intensity UV sterilization and aseptic air displacement technology are applied in the aseptic chamber to guarantee the constant aseptic condition in the aseptic chamber.


The sealing & cutting system is driven by the servo motor to guarantee the stability, high accuracy of its operation and good sealing & cutting of the product adequately.
With the consecutive liquid level controller and digital positioning valve, the liquid level in material tank maintains constant, and with the constant flow rate filling by step motor controlling diaphragm valve, the filling precision is ensured.
The up-to-date single station two steps sealing & cutting device (patent technology) realizes the function of separate sealing and cutting in steps within the single station. Thistechnology is suitable for various Alu.-plastic and paper plastic complex packaging material and prolongs the effective shelf life of the product adequately.
The integrated CIP & SIP system guarantees the asepsis of the material contacting pipes and valves during the production.

Technical Data

6000 p/h (250ml)
6000 p/h (1000ml)
8400 p/h (250ml)
8000 p/h (100ml)
16000 p/h (100ml)
100-500 (ml)
500-1000 (ml)
100-500 (ml)
100-500 (ml)
100-500 (ml)
Packaging Format
Pillow Pouch, Stand-up Pouch
Pillow Pouch
Pillow Pouch, Stand-up Pouch
Pillow Pouch
Pillow Pouch
Packaging Material
Multilayer Plastic Complex Film
Alu-Plastic,Paper Plastic Complex Film
Ultraclean version
Clean version

* According to the different characteristics of products, the capacity will be different.

* Parameters and functions are subject to change without further notice.

* The “●”in the table means the series have the function, “○”means the function is not applicable.


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