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  The GF series machines are applicable to the packaging production of high value- added materials as yoghurt, seasoning, household chemicals and oil etc., and the whole process from plastic bottle unscrambling, weighing filling, cap ( pump) sorting, press (screw) capping, and product transportation is completed full-automatically. These machines can be equipped with optional systems of electronic weighing measurement system or electromagnetic flowmeter measurement system, and are the high cost- performance effective equipments featuring high filling precision and high speed.


Automatic multi-function bottle unscrambler and cap sorter, realizing unscrambling and transport for bottles and caps of various shapes, changeover processing for various bottle and caps shapes in short time.
The machine adopts electronic weighing filling system. With independent loading cell equipped on each filling nozzle, the machine is reliable in performance and has filling accuracy. With the minimum filling tolerance controlled within +/- 1g, this machine is applicable for the filling of liquid with high added value.
Electromagnetic flowmeter filling, automatic adjusting according to viscosity of various products and improving filling efficiency while ensuring filling precision.
Three-jaw cap picking and magnetic cap screwing technology, open-close three-jaw cap picking, with high compatibility for caps and high correctness of picking; continuous adjustable magnetic capping torque, ensuring adequate and secure capping and improving conformity rate for capping.
Free lifting function in filling station and pressing (screwing) capping station together with quick changeover kit, can realize the quick changeover for products with different volumes and different bottle shapes within very short time.
Based on the different packaging characters of household chemicals, the bottle erecting machine and cap erecting machine are optional to ensure the variety of products. Aiming at special pump cap product, the new pump cap sorting, pre-inserting and servo capping systems are used to substitute the traditional manual packaging operation and result in high improvement of production efficiency.

Technical Data

GF 16/8
GF 18/6-5L
GF 26/8-5L
GF 24/16/10
GF 48/16
3500 b/h (1.5L)
4000 b/h (5L)
6000 b/h (5L)
10000 b/h (200mL)
20000 b/h (200mL)
1-3 (L)
1-5 (L)
1-5 (L)
Filling Nozzle
Hot Sealing Head
Capping Head

* According to the different characteristics of products, the capacity will be different.

* Parameters and functions are subject to change without further notice.


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