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  The DXR series machines are applicable to the packaging production of yogurt, milk, beverage, butter, cheese, seasoning, ice cream, etc. with the output variant from 6000 cups/hour to 60000 cups/hour. Compatible to plastic sheet made of PS, PP, PET etc, the whole process from sheet ionization dedust, preheating, plastic cup forming & labeling, online dynamic fruit mixing and volumetric filling, sealing, date printing, cutting and product transportation is completed full-automatically. These series machines, which have the functions of wrap around labeling, side labeling, 2-chamber cup, children cup and hot filling functions etc. are the full-automatic equipments for high-quality, high-efficiency and low power consumption production in modern enterprises.



Using latest movement control technology, the motive parts of the unit are driven by servo motors. The movement of all working positions is good in synchronism and flexibility. The operation of the machine is more stable with higher capacity.
The patented high precision in-mold labeling technology, online lable split cutting, synchronized transport, wrap around labeling, enriching the product structure and increasing the added value of product.
Unique external filling system, applying the latest type rotary valve and valve body which feature high filling accuracy and reduce the shear force against the material during filling to minimum, protecting the viscosity of the material.


Deviation correcting technology for hot seal mold and cutting mold. With photoelectric detecting, the position of multipack cups is tracked. The servo motor drives the hot seal mold and cutting mold to move, ensuring the precise positioning for hot seal and cutting and guaranteeing the appearance quality of product.
Monoblock combined cutting mold, made of high quality wear-resistant alloy steel, with double guiding for positioning. The hole cutter has high precision, the combined tooling could complete cutting, punching and denting in one time. With unique quick changeover kit, the changeover for different multipack cup formats could be realized within two minutes.
Equipment integrated CIP device which is compliant to hygienic standard, guarantees the material contacting pipes and valves etc. be thoroughly cleaned by rinsing.
The forming and filling stations are protected by the positive pressure of cleaned air from 100 class laminar flow system to enhance the hygienic standard and shelf life of the product.
The quick changeover technology for forming mold, with which the production of cups of various shapes and volumes could be realized, therefore the machine could be used for multi-purposes and the investment cost of user is saved.

Technical Data

 Series Model
50000 c/h
40000 c/h
20000 c/h
12000 c/h
6000 c/h
 Total Power
 Operating Power
 Step Cup (No.)
 Main Driving
Servo Drag
Servo Drag
Servo Drag
Servo Drag
Chain Drag
 Standard Cup
 Wrap Around Label
 Side Label
 2-Chamber Cup
 Fruit & Flavour Dyn. Mix.
 Children Cup
 High-Temperature Filling

* According to the different characteristics of products, the capacity will be different.

* Parameters and functions are subject to change without further notice.

* The “●”in the table means the series have the function, “○”means dose not have the function.

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