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Precision Manufacture

Efficient Rigorous, High Precision Equipment

Over 22 years of tribulation, Zhongya has established a set of efficient and prudent manufacture flow and management system, associated with high end machine tool imported from international advanced countries and relying on the full application of ERP system and DNC system, all processes from raw material preparation, element precise machining, welding, metal sheet processing, to equipment assembly and test, are under control by technicians of Zhongya. All these could provide the quality for Zhongya product and respond urgent request from customer from time to time with flexible manufacture period.

·MAZAK 5-Axis Linkage Complex Machining Center, Japan
·SODICK Slow-feeding NC Wire-cut Machine, Japan
·DMG High-Speed High Precision Machining Center, Germany
·SODICK Electric Discharge Machine, Japan
·MAKINO 4-Axis Linkage Horizontal Machining Center, Japan
·SCHLEIFRING High Precision Grinding Machine, Germany
·MAZAK 9-Axie Complex Machining Center, Japan
·BYSTRONIC Laser Cutting Machine, Swiss
·KELLENBERGER Universal Grinding Machine, Swiss ·MESSER Plasma Cutting Machine, Germany
·HAAS Machining Center, USA  

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