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Technology innovation is the soul of an enterprise. Each year, over 5% technology investment is the basic guarantee for our continuous technology innovation, and guide by the research and development mode of “Produce one generation, develop one generation and reserve one generation”, the technology innovation shall provide endless energy for the long lasting consecutive development of Zhongya.

Research & Development Center

Standing as an enterprise powered by technology, we are endeavoring to build up the first level technology R&D center in the industry. The settlement of China Dairy Product Packaging Machinery R&D Center in Zhongya has impulsed us strongly to keep pace with the development theory for world packaging technology.
Zhongya technology R&D center includes more than 120 technical personnel in diverse fields, ranging from mechanic structure, automation control, biological engineering and chemical etc. In addition to satisfy the customer requirements, Zhongya insists to be creative and innovative in packaging technology, and together with the excellent partners of same industry to lead China packaging machinery technology to the world by creative theory, creative design and creative function.



National standards and industry standards stipulated with participation of Zhongya as chief drafter
Standard No.
Standard Denomination
Standard Level
Rank among Drafters
GB/T 19063-2009
Acceptance specification of packaging equipment for liquid food
National Standard
The First
Plastic cup forming filling sealing machine
National Standard
The First
Aseptic bag forming-fillingsealing machine
National Standard
The First
GB/T24571-2009 Aseptic PET bottles cold-filling line National Standard The Second
Plastic cup forming- fillingsealing machine
Industry Standard
The First
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