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Enterprise Culture

Consistent philosophy forges a long-lasting enterprise
It is essential that any enterprise with the dream of a hundred years must be united from the top management to the front line staff, immersed in the essence of its enterprise culture. In Zhongya, we hold consistent vision and strive for its realization, we value integrity based philosophy for operation and put them into practice, we possess innovation-driven technology, and integrate them into each new project, and we highlight lean and prudent production and transfer it into the production, assembly and testing of each screw. Each of our staff members boasts efficiency, collaboration and teamwork, which is always put into the business practice.


Our Vision: Piloting and leading industry trend, forging our enterprise for a hundred yearsIntegrity,

Integrity:Innovation, Precision, Efficiency & Harmony

Our Mission: Providing solutions for packaging machinery systems in all fields

Our Target: To be a technical leader of the worldwide bottle blowing and packaging machinery industry

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